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The following papers were published :

Otengei, O. S., Changha, G., Kasekende, F. and Ntayi J.M. (2014). Understanding Key

Determinants of Brand Loyalty in Full Service Restaurants in Uganda. Advances in   Hospitability Tourism Research Journal. Vol. 2 (2) 79-107

Kasekende, F. and Munene, J. C. (2014). Competence Profiling For Loans Officers in the  Banking Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa: A case of Uganda. Commonwealth  Association. of Polytechnics in  Africa (CAPA)  Scientific Journal – CAPA SJ, 2(1),


Nkurunziza, G., Otengei, S., Kasekende, F., and Ntayi, M.J. (2015). An investigation of

key  predictors of  performance of agricultural projects in Sub- Saharan Africa: A case  of  Uganda. International Journal of Social Economics.

[Accepted 25-Mar-2015]

 Kasekende, F. Munene, J. C., Otengei, S. O. and Ntayi, J. M. (2016),”Linking teacher

competences to organizational citizenship behaviour”, International Journal of   Educational Management, Vol. 30 Iss 2 pp. 252 – 270


Kasekende F., Munene, J. C. and Ntayi, J. M. (2016). Building Psychological Contract: The Role of Leader Member Exchanges. Evidence-based HRM: a global forum for empirical scholarship [Accepted 8th   May 2016]