History and Mandate

The Department of Education emerged from the Faculty of Vocational Distance Education in Makerere University Business School. The department is service oriented unit that handles vocational, distance and business education programmes.

The focus of the department is provision of training of trainers, mentoring of academic staff in teaching, research and administration, offering of academic, executive and management education programmes.

As such, the department champions teacher education, training of trainers, mentoring of academic staff in area of teaching, research innovations, management and administration.

Message from the Head of Department

As educators, researchers, consultants and policy makers, we are committed to preparing and equipping university trainers and student teachers in secondary and higher institutions with professional knowledge, skills and educational management values across the globe.

The department fosters educational excellence, ensures access to inclusive, relevant and impactful education and active learning around the globe. The focus is to promote student teacher and trainer of trainers’ achievement and preparation for global competitiveness. We use active teaching and learning approaches, digital tools and blended learning methods to solve problems in diversity of context.

The department offers training, teaching and mentoring in education based executive and academic short courses, undergraduate and postgraduate diploma programmes using physical and online delivery methods. As such, we invite all the potential applicants and esteemed stakeholders to apply for the courses. Thank you.

Dr Gideon Nkurunziza, PhD


Vision of Department

“To be the leading centre of excellent business education in executive and academic teacher education programmes to enable the future of our clients”.

Mission of Department

“To produce high calibre academic professionals in secondary, vocational and higher institutions of learning though quality teaching, training and research innovations for sustainable business and scientific education across the globe”.

Philosophy of Department

Our philosophy is to provide an excellent business education that trains the mind to think and act innovatively.

Core values of Department

  • A time conscious
  • A technology driven
  • A department that promotes professionalism and ethical values.
  • A scientific research and policy driven department.
  • A collaborative and team driven

 Goals of Department

  • To orient, train and retool academic staff in using traditional and on-line methodologies and methods of effective teaching in context of the University.
  • To review existing programmes, develop academic and business executive education programmes in the University.
  • To conduct, champion and spearhead interdisciplinary research, promote scholarship and publicize knowledge with evidence-based policies in the field of vocational, distance and business education.
  • To provide an enabling virtual and physical mentoring atmosphere for academic staff to effectively teach and manage the learning environment.
  • To engage community members or groups involved in business education management and certify them.
  • To expand and increase practical knowledge and skills to student teachers and trainers in using both traditional and electronic teaching and learning approaches of pedagogy, andragogy and heutagogy.
  • To provide an enabling atmosphere for academic staff to learn, improve the quality of teaching and learning environment.
  • To improve the quality and expand the scope of research in business education, distance learning and vocational management so as to increase support for evidence-based policy and decision-making.
  • To establish partnerships with government agencies and other international partnerships that spearhead the core functions of the teaching business education.

Courses under the Department

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Education (Blended).
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship Education (Blended).
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Technical and Vocational Teacher Education (Blended).
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education by Distance Learning.

Short Courses under the Department

  • Executive Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning (Blended).
  • Executive Certificate in Higher Education Coaching and Mentoring (Blended).

Staff under the Department

  • Gideon Nkurunziza, Head of Department.
  • Agnes Namirimu, Administrative Assistant.
  • Other Academic staff are housed in various Academic departments and Faculties.